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Short Musings 

Body by Madelynn Poulson

One day you will birth nations

send generations into orbit

make love into legacy

But today--

you simply fill up my jeans

and take up one and a half subway seats

Thank you for loving me even when

I didn't have the vocabulary or courage to love you back.

Untitled #2 by Madelynn Poulson

For Women who are told they are

too difficult,

too strong,

too much.

Women who have a closet full of men's white flags that they waved in surrender at their feet.

Who have squeezed

and shrunk

and wilted

to allow room for others to bloom;

left only with petals of "he loves me not" on hard rocky soil.

Women who bare the world on their shoulders in daytime 

and collect tears under chins in the dead of night.

You too are worthy 

of sweet nothings

and opened car doors.

You too are worthy 

of sharing kisses on subway platforms

and holding hands under starless nights.

One day someone will come with ruler

and textbooks

and pens

ready to learn how to love you,

all of you.

My Tinder Bio by Madelynn Poulson

I want something concrete


use the space between where your lips meet

to allow the broken speech of you tongue to spill

"I love you" over our dining room table.

Use the fleshy parts of your palms and the vast vocabulary of your touch and linger on the lines of my skin 

Use the softness of your gaze to drink me in like a horse to water

--so that I can allow me to become we, if only for tonight

Recent Buzz

Where Are You From

published on 

“Where are you from?” Fell like his lips like honey as we sat across from each other at some obscure hipster coffee shop.

“Virginia” I responded just as sweet. He looked puzzled. I smiled awkwardness stretching the corners of my mouth far too wide for comfort. “No where are you really from?”, Virginia I said quick and sharp.  Then with drawn out deliberate tones and pleading for an acceptable answer dazzling in his eyes-- “Where are your people from?”

His words fell this time like when you are clumsily re-racking too heavy weights at the local planet fitness."

“As a girl who lived in the gap between Luster's blue magic hair grease and jollof rice and fish stews, I couldn’t help but wonder if my collard greens with neck bones was not good enough for the melting pot.”


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